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Medical Device R&d Engineer (Balloons)




1. Responsible for developing new medical devices, including planning, input, output, verification and transformation of new products;

2. Assist the project manager to coordinate departments work of production, quality and procurement  according to the assigned project and tasks of developing and promoting the  r&d projects projet going smoothly.

3. Responsible for new product BOM, raw material, semi-manufactured and  manufactured products standard, production operation procedures, parts and assembly drawings and other technical documents;

4. Responsible for selecting material suppliers and confirming material conformity;

5. Mold processing and equipment selection;

6. Responsible for the implementation of new product process verification, preparation of the scheme, and organize relevant personnels to implement, and finally determine the product process;

7. Responsible for new product transfer training,  production education, quality and procurement related personnel training, so that mass production can meet the established requirements;

8. Other tasks assigned by superior leaders.


1. Major in mechanical design, material science, medical equipment, etc.;

2. Experience in balloons development and production;

3. Familiar with solidWord, PROE and other 3D and 2D design software;

4. Well-known of the quality management standards of sterile medical devices, and be familiar with the design and development process of medical devices.

Working Experience:

At least 3 years of experience in medical device design or technical position;

Comprehensive ability: 

Strong sense of responsibility, communication and coordination ability, analysing and problem-solving  with  team work ability.

Well paid, benefits negotiable for top talents.