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Product Process Engineer (Consumables)





1. Innovate and design new products conforming to product design requirements and plans, anufacturing new products with stable functions under the premise of  standards.

2. Responsible for new product drawings.

3. Responsible for the processing and manufacturing new product parts,which are ensured producible, and finally making production process parameters.

4. Test product design through small batch trial production of samples, and improve the design perfectly to meet the design input requirements.

5. Responsible for making sample production process verification plan, implementation of verification and writing verification report.

6. Organize product design review, implement and solve the problems raised in the review.

7. Complete the work temporarily arranged by the leader.


1. Major in mechanical design, mechatronics engineering or automation related; Medical device processing experience is an advantage;

2. Familiar with AutoCAD, Inventor, SolidWorks and other software;

3. Have technical experience in medical devices manuducturing;

4.Familiar with medical device product validation;

5. Careful, serious and responsible, with team spirit.

Working Experience:

At least 1 year experience in medical instrument manufacturing.

Comprehensive abilities:

Strong sense of responsibility, good at communication and coordination ,analysing and problem solving with teamwork ability.

Well paid, benefits negotiable for top tallents.