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Registrar of Medical Devices




1. Responsible for the inspection and registration of medical devices;

2. Cooperate with R&D department to collect, summarize and compile registration documents;

3. Responsible for following up the progress of medical device registration and  feedback;

4. Responsible for identifying, collecting  medical device regulations and standards of r&d products;


1. Bachelor degree or above in medical device related field, at least 2- year experience in product registration in class III medical device, with experience of the whole process of registration;

2. Familiar with medical device quality management system;

3. Steady and practical , strong logical thinking;

4, Good learning ability, team work spirit, good communication skills.

Working Experience:

 At least 2- year experience in product registration of class III medical devices

Comprehensive Ability: 

Strong sense of responsibility, communication ,coordination ability, analysing and problem-solving ,and team work ability.

Well paid, benefits negotiable for top talents.