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Injection Molding Engineer




1. Responsible for the optimization of injection parameters of plastic products and effectively solve the quality problems in production.

2. Responsible for daily maintaining plans of injection molding machines to ensure the equipment  work normally. 

3. Participate in the management of injection molding equipment in the workshop and provide equipment technical support for R&D and production.

4. Responsible for injection molding equipment improvement of projects and machine efficiency .

5. Responsible for injection molding training and guidance for production personnels.

6. Independently operate and use the injection molding machines to complete the injection molding of products , test and verification of new molds.


1. Major in mechanical design, mechatronics engineering or automation, polymer or related;

2. Experience in polymer injection molding, such as PC, ABS, PP, PU, POM, PE, PA, PSU is preferred.

Working experience:

 At least 3 years' experience in plastic injection molding.

Comprehensive ability: 

Careful, rigorous and responsible with team spirit.