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Laboratory Technician




1. Complete physical and chemical analysis and testing as required, develope new physical and chemical testing projects, and assist in the maintenance and management of laboratory instruments and equipment; Complete various microorganism culture experiments and strain identification as required, master aseptic operation;

2. Complete the verification work of physical and chemical inspection machine and issue the report; Complete the verification work of microbiological testing machine and issue the report;

3. Purchase, maintain reagents, instruments and equipment required for daily physical and chemical testing/microbial testing;

4. Analysis and summarize abnormal physical and chemical experiments/microbial detection;

5. Complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders.


1. College degree or above, major in applied chemistry, biological engineering or related;

2. Be familiar with medical device quality management system with auditor certificate.

3. Skilled in laboratory physical and chemical analysis, microbial analysis, ion chromatography, gas chromatography and other operations;